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Children comments to OfSTED

  • 'I like Robert Bruce because it is all about EDUCATION!'
  • 'I like the Teachers at Robert Bruce because they are amazing and we get taught so many fun lessons'
  • 'I like our classroom because it is bright and colourful and shows off all of our brilliant work'
  • 'I love the library at Robert Bruce because it is fun to read and learn'
  • 'I enjoy our Music lessons because it is so much fun to play and learn all of the different musical instruments'
  • 'I love Robert Bruce because the teachers are so kind and helpful'
  • 'I like doing Soundswrite with Mrs Barbarino because it helps me with my sounds, reading and spelling'
  • 'I loved getting Class of the Week because we all felt so happy and proud'
  • 'I like Robert Bruce because it is all about learning'

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What others say

The Local Authority constantly pay visits to the school and the comments are a pleasure to read:

"A joy to be there ... calm and purposeful"; a description any teacher, pupil or governord would be thrilled to hear about their school

"We are all so very pleased to learn of the successful outcome of the recent Ofsted monitoring visit of Robert Bruce Middle School. The improvement in standards is apparent to all of us who visit the school and we are delighted this has been recognised by Ofsted"

Parents and Carers:

"I believe that within the last six months the school has turned considerably"

"I am extremely pleased with my daughter's progress in the school. She is happy and confident."
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OFSTED Parent View

We would be delighted if parents could take the time to fill in the official OFSTED survey about life at Robert Bruce. Having your comments and opinions is essential for us to continue improving as a school. All you have to do is register with the site, then complete a quick survey. 

The Year ahead



School Leadership Team Responses to the Ofsted Document


Firstly we would like to thank the staff; students; governors and local authority for working so hard not only during the two days of the inspection but constantly to raise the standards at Robert Bruce. It must be noted that the new leadership team has only been in place a short time; the current Head Teacher twelve months and this document is taken from a three year trend period of time.


· The head teacher, senior leaders and governors know the strengths and weaknesses of the school and have identified the right priorities for improvement.

· The school is beginning to see significant improvements in students’ behaviour and attitudes to learning, enabling many to make faster progress in their learning.

· The progress of different groups is now being monitored carefully.

· The school development plan outlines clearly the school’s future priorities and the head teacher’s vision for success.

· Subject leaders and others with leadership responsibilities are keen to implement systems that will improve students’ progress.

· Governors are now providing good support and challenge to the school.

· Students feel safe in school.

· Middle leaders are now implementing strategies to improve behaviour.

· Data is now secure.

· Primary school funding is being used to increase opportunities for students to take part in lunchtime and after school sporting activities as well as running inter-school competitions.

· The school’s positive and supportive values promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and        cultural development.

· Performance management systems have now been linked to teachers pay. The head teacher has acted quickly and decisively to resolve issues relating to the underperformance of staff and has secured improvements in teaching and achievement in years 5 & 8.


So what has the leadership team done so far this academic year to address the points raised?


· The school underwent an external local authority review – organised by the head teacher and leadership team.

· We have organised a whole school literacy review the week beginning 11th November.

· September 2013 every child had a baseline test in English; maths; reading; spelling and a CAT’s test. This was followed by a teacher assessment in November to ensure consistency. Tests were moderated both internally and externally with other schools.

· We have a new staffing structure in place with clear leadership roles.

· The morning staff briefings are now purposeful and aimed at teaching and learning; data;   inclusion and behaviour training.

· We have an up to date special needs register which is secure and based on our data.

We have employed teachers to deliver one to one sessions with our children who need booster classes in English and maths.

· We have bought a new reading programme called Lexia to boost the reading ages of our     children.

· Updated our school development plan with all of the evaluations.

· Reviewed departments on a rolling programme.

· Every member of staff has had a lesson observation including learning support assistants.

· We now have a parent’s forum and a community forum.

· The creative curriculum and the humanities schemes of work are being rewritten.

· We have appointed several new members of staff who share our vision.

· We have a bespoke middle leaders programme every Wednesday.

· All senior leaders have a coaching/mentoring programme in place.

· School anti bullying champions are in place.

· Our vision – ‘Young People are the Heart of our Community’ – is integral to our work. We    believe that they are the reason why we are all here, and we must improve their future life chances through the education and experiences that we provide.

· The new leadership team has a clear vision and agenda. We are a solid team, determined to move the school forward to good at a rapid pace.


So What Does This Mean For Us Now?


The enclosed Ofsted document will be published on the Ofsted website next week. We will receive monitoring visits by an appointed HMI team over the next 18 months and within that time we will turn this school into a good category.


Ofsted Feedback Surgeries


I will be available on both parents’ evenings Tuesday 18th years 5 & 6 and Wednesday 19th years 7 & 8 to discuss any of these points with you.


These are positive times for our school.



Karen D’Angelo

Head Teacher



You can download the full ofsted report HERE